dua for love from someone that you love

Before apply dua for love from someone that you love,It is necessary to be good in your heart for your lover.There should not be any evil in your heart and mind, your love should always remain in your mind while you doing this and you will marry someone who loves you. Then execute this ‘’kisi ke dil me mohabbat dalne ka wazifa karein’’ :

dua for love from someone that you love

م ْ َو َّ الس ِم ُ یع ال ُم ّاللهُ َوھُ َیكھُ ْكفِ َسیَ فَ

(سورة البقرة،آیت 137)

  • Before starting this make Durood e shareef around you 24 hours for atleast 3 days.
  • Do not get reckless in any time between these days, on the third day do this execution arooj e maah ki nauchandi jumuarat ya neik sa’at mein . In sah Allah this will be successful.
  • This execution will be for 7 days. Whenever you start this execution first read it carefully in your mind, then read 11 times Durood e Shareef But one thing is worth noting tat the Naga does not happen at all
  • Without Naagha read this verse 101  times in any condition.
  • After reading Verse , Pray to Aallah , And Pray this dua

(Allahumma innaa naja’luka fii nuh’uurihim wa nau’dhubika min shuruurihim)

Using this execution , In sah Allah from whom you want  love, you can get easily,and people will love you or this person also loves you.

In sha ALLAH blessing of god your dreams comes true.

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