how to break someone marriage in 24 hours

how to break someone marriage in 24 hours

Amal to break someone marriage

Since Decades there is a common debate for Love Marriages and Arrange Marriages. We can see this conversation everywhere whether you are in college, school or any competition but we people never think what we discuss sometimes in general always relates to our life many times and this happens in case of Marriage. We don’t know whether we will go for arrange marriage or we will go for love marriage. break Marriage happen very easily both know each other very well somehow but in case of arrange marriage both know very less about each other. So if you are one of those who are involved with Arrange Marriage then this Amal to break someone marriage is vest trick to know whether you are at right stage or not.

Dua to break someone marriage – Solve Your Problem

Amal to break someone marriage 

When it comes to arrange marriages everything in that is settle down by their guardians, their parents decide to whom they need to spend their whole life and it depends that how many arrange relations will get succeed so if you are not one of them who have a good relation then you should perform Amal to break someone marriage because it is painful to live with this incomplete relation. islam to break someone marriage is so much powerful that you can easily get rid of relations which you do not want in your life.

wazifa to break someone marriage 

Do you know the meaning of Wazifa ? Wazifa is great prediction which we give to all people so that they can solve their all love problems and unsolved issues. So, perform this wazifa to break someone marriage which directly connects you with Allah. Who wants to be in forceful relationship, no one wants to spend their whole life with the person who doesn’t feel for each other. When you try to perform wazifa to break someone marriage then you will be easily free from all forced and non-wanted relationships because getting into these kinds of relations can be very much disastrous.

How much break someone marriage is successful – Read here

Arrange Marriages are not that much successful according to statistics because it needs lots of understanding and when two completely unknown as well as imperfect people meets and called for stuff like marriage then you need to re-think and perform this allah to break someone marriage.  You can perform this wazifa if you are married or if you are about to marry. By reading this how to break someone marriage one can easily get rid of unwanted and unsuccessful relations, this dua always help people and help them to meet their loved one with whom they want to expend their whole life happily.

Solution to your problem: how to break marriage

We at Miyakhan provides you with many Wazifa for each type of your love issues doesn’t matter it is how to break someone marriage or any other such as Wazifa for inter-caste marriage , and many other. So, if you don’t want to be that person or want to get rid of this marriage then read Kisi ki shadi todne ki dua after you complete your Quran and after you worship your god with your heart, but only if you do Kisi ki shadi todne ki dua with honestly then only you can connect with Allah and can connect. If your wishes and prayers are genuine then Allah will solve your problem and put his hands on you.

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Marriages are made two person in a relationship. When this relationship is in good way its very good. But when this goes violently its very disastrous. Marriage is a very important step in any person. When we going to marry someone we have to clarify that you have to happy  with that person or not , one more thing if you are not in love with that person. Then please do not marry with that person. If you have some force on parents and all. Even if you marry such a person, you will have to end up your marriage one day. Then Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Strong Wazifa is only for you.


Forcefully marriages tend to be unsuccessful. None of the partners can live happy in such a marriages which is full happen without the permission of bride or broom, forcefully happened. If you are also one of them the you can put an end to such a marriage by performing kisi ki shadi todne ka strong wazifa. This wazifa is performed especially to end up relationship that are irritating, annoying, or disastrous. If you are unhappy being in a married relation then you can perform Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Strong Amal along with this wazifa and then you  will be free from that unwanted realtion. This wazifa and amal is so simple to perform. This is very powerful and strong, it has helped lots of people in getting out of unwanted relationships.


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If you don’t  know about how to use KISI KI SHADI KO TODNE KI STRONG DUA, you have to learn it in a proper way. You  have to know more about it from below or from our famous astrologer Molana Ji will help you to learn it out. And then you have to learn the way that it will be performed. Mainly this dua have to follow these simple steps. Read it carefully

  • Do this dua mainly in the morning when sun is rising or in the evening when sun is setting down, if you haven’t time in these time then you will perform it any time and on any day according to your convenience;
  • Make wuzu in a right way
  • Recite durood shareef
  • Recite Kisi ki Shadi Todne Ki Dua for around 101 times;
  • Again recite durood shareef.


In these simple steps, you can apply this dua. You can consult with our famous astrologer Molana Maqsood Ali Ji  to learn propers way this dua. Before and after durood shareef if you recite this dua, you will confirmly get freedom from your unwanted marriage relationship. If your engagement is fixed but want to marry someone else then also you can recite this dua and then you will no longer get bounded with your engagement. After getting off with your engagement you can marry the person whom you love.


All great astrologers mostly use Kisi Ki Shodi Todne ka Strong totke When they are requested to do so. All these totke are required to be perform in the right way otherwise they will not complete your desire. These totke turns to be really very effective and helpful when use in the right way by the right person on the right time. You can also learn about Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Totke so that you can do these when you want it. You will get no problem in learning all these totke.

Breaking a love engagement or a marriage is not a good thing but in some times it becomes a compulsory thing to do so. When engagements and marriage are turned in a wrong way then it is important to do end of them. If you want to live your life with a happy thing  then do not live these kind of relationships. Just end them as soon as you realize  that your relationship is going ugly. To make your life happy and blessed with happiness you should dua to ALLAH with your pure heart…….